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Our first mission was and will always be to help people find jobs in the oil and gas industry. We wanted to bring you a book with all of the secrets that we used over the years to get hired but why do a book? Why keep charging you over and over for information with different versions, several books, and keep you guys waiting for more? We want you to be successful without starving you for information in a $20 book. Those guys just want to keep you buying revisions, extra books, and will leave you stranded after you’ve spent your hard earned money. Its no secret oil and gas jobs are hard to find. Here is the kind of REAL INFORMATION we want to give you to help you FIND YOUR JOB TODAY:

“Many people searching for oil and gas jobs fall into an all too familiar trap. They look on Craigslist, you search your local newspaper,  scour the internet and looking at all the same jobs millions across the world are looking at. Between you and me, Indeed.com and Rigzone.com has sent me more good job listings than I can count which is a great thing. But all I TRULY had to do was start making THESE COMPANIES WANT ME. I had to remain tenacious, skill that is painfully lacking in this day and age. If I had a hundred hands I still couldn’t count the welders, instrument techs, or boilermakers I’ve met who could have doubled their income by just pay attention. What do I mean by tenacious? I do not mean paying $600 to an oil and gas recruiter to get your resume out there. What do you think websites like LinkedIn exist for?

Here are a few keys to stay persistent and unshakable:

  1. Keep an UP TO DATE profile means on all your social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Social Media may be a little silly but it certainly isn’t going anywhere.
  2. Keep a professionally WORKING resume ready to pounce on job opportunities. 
  3. Keep PDF VERSIONS of your recommendations, certificates, certifications, DD-214’s, resumes, and cover letters accessible. 
  4. Keep NETWORKING and meeting people who work in this industry. The Petroleum Life App is great for that.
  5. Stay PROFESSIONAL and RESPECTFUL during the process


So the question is, can you convince these companies to hire you? It’s your role to prove how much you have to offer and with just a $5.00 investment you can have unlimited access to all of this information that will continue to be updated! So get that job at that refinery, start working in the oil field, and start welding on the pipeline and  START EARNING UP TO 100K A YEAR! Sign up to become a Black Gold Member today!


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Chapter 1 –  My story
Chapter 2 – Real Talk
Do You Really Want a Job in the Oil and Gas Industry?
Chapter 3 – The Oil and Gas Industry:
Chapter 4 – Preparation (Before You Apply):
Chapter 5 – The Hunt (Finding Your New Job)
Resume Writing 
Job Search 
Now Hiring (Find Jobs Here for Free!)
Chapter 6 – The Waiting Game (Application Process)
Interview Skills 
After The Interview
Chapter 7 – THE EMAIL OF DEATH (What to do if You Don’t Get Hired )
Chapter 8 – You’re Hired! (What to Expect)
Physical/Drug Testing
Union or No Union?









I purchased your amazing eBook and found the methodologies very effective in finding a job in as a process operator. The direct step by step process gave my search the focus I needed to direct my search efforts properly to stop wasting my time with ineffective job search time killers. Thanks for your help.

James M. – Savannah, GA

While still working, using your eBook effectively, my search for oil and gas jobs was running behind the scenes delivering to me the fresh refinery jobs daily.

Tom – Grays Lake, IL

I was able to get hired as a welder by a great company nearby. This book saved my marriage by allowing me to not have to relocate to a distant city for work as others finally were forced to do. The results you produced were fantastic.

Marty D. Cincinnati, OH

When I was unexpectedly forced to locate a new job, even 5 months later, I had no contacts, interviews or offers by oil and gas companies. My search benefited tremendously by using the proven steps provided in your materials. Once I purchased your eBook and applied the simple concepts and examples, my success rate turned around, including finding a job in the petroleum industry. My new job as a terminal operator is a better one than where I was previously employed and the pay is even higher too. Love the results I enjoyed!

Stephen – Dallas, TX

 I was quite impressed with your eBook and the simple steps I used to make my job search most effective. By not having to read and try to understand large amounts of wordy, confusing texts, as typically occurs with other books, as I was able to spend more time actually looking for jobs. Your eBook gave me fast access to the important information directly using the “make you’re your job a job” technique. Thanks for an easy to use format. It was not even necessary to print anything out.

Bryan – Atlanta suburb, GA

Being 38 years young, it was the fear of the unknown which faced me for my impending job search. The eBook updated my out-of-date search methods and turned my search into an easier one than I anticipated by using my computer instead of the postal system. I experienced direct access to a larger selection of job options in the oil and gas industry which resulted in my picking a better company faster than ever before and reducing my anxiety and job search frustration I have always experienced previously. I got an offer to be a pipefitter which raised my self-esteem quickly. Thanks definitely for making my efforts focused and successful in less time than previously.

Jake – New Medford, CT






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